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Wireless services are becoming ever more ubiquitous in our daily lives:  mobile telephony, Wi-Fi Internet, cordless mice and keyboards, and soon mobile television. These convenient and easy-to-use services respond to our need to be out and about while keeping us “connected”! But what do we know about the waves that make these systems work? How do they affect our health?


The “Radio Wave in a Wireless World – Questions and Answers” exhibition intended to introduce visitors to electromagnetic RF waves, the systems that use them, what we know about their health effects, and current precautionary measures. The exhibition content was designed and validated by the Foundation’s Scientific Committee.


The exhibition has been produced by the Health and Radiofrequencies Foundation and ABRET (Research and Technology Association of Brittany). It has been partly funded by the Minister of Higher Education and Research

as well as the Regional Council of Brittany.

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Isabelle Domain : presse(at)

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