The Board of Directors is responsible for controlling the missions entrusted to the Foundation and the good use of its endowment.


To this end, the Board of Directors validates the Foundation’s action programs and votes on its budget. It also approves the decisions of the Scientific Council.




The Foundation’s bylaws give the Board of Directors a balanced membership which is composed of three colleges, each represented by 5 members:


1 college of State representatives representing:

  • the Minister of the Interior;
  • the Minister of Industry;
  • the Minister of Research;
  • the Minister of Health;
  • the Minister of the Environment.

1 college of qualified members in scientific and technical fields.


1 college of members representing the private founders, elected by the general assembly of founding members.



The Chair is elected by the Board of Directors. He cannot be selected among members representing the industry players.


List of members:
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