Classic Roulette Betting Limitations

As a player who’s new to roulette, you need to note that, though the game offers different betting opportunities, there are certain limitations to be taken into consideration as well. Once you are seated at the table or logged in online, you will probably notice the plaque perfectly placed on top. This is known as “table limit sign,” where all limitations regarding roulette bet placement at the specific casino are highlighted. At different casinos, a player can observe different wording on the sign, though at the end of the day, the casinos all intend to point out the same thing.

Chip denomination

As we’ve highlighted, a classic roulette player can by chips in stacks from the dealer. A stack contains mostly 20 chips. At different casinos and online casino roulette, the minimum chip value is usually within the range $0.50 and $1.50.

What’s worthy of note here is, that at first purchase a player may require a higher-than-the-minimum value for his or her chips. In such a scenario, the dealer in charge of the table will put a lammer on the rim of the roulette wheel. This is done to ensure that the players know the value of the chips. 

Table maximum

The maximum table limit for inside bets tends to vary and depends on the casino where the game is being played.

At some casinos, the limits may be set in the different ways like “Maximum inside bet: $140.00 any way to the number.” That simply means a bettor is allowed to make a straight-up bet for $120.00, a split bet for $240.00, and, say, a corner bet for $700.00 while all three bets may feature the same number.

The maximum limit for outside bets tends to vary between $1200.00 and $10,500.00, depending on the casino as well as the table minimum. The limit set by the casino is valid for every single outside bet.

Table Minimum

For inside bets and outside bets, the table minimum is usually the same, but casinos treat these two bet categories in different ways. A perfect example would be that “Casino A” has a table minimum of $15.00, while each chip is worth $3.00. If a player intends to play an outside bet, we have to play with at least five chips on every single bet to stay within the threshold of the minimum requirement.

If a player intends to play an inside bet, he or she has to play with at least five chips on every such bet. What’s worthy of note is that the player is allowed to spread these five chips on different numbers.

Maximum Payout

Recently, there’s been a practice at smaller casinos to set maximum payouts on inside bets. On the casino’s table limit signs, these payouts are often stated as “Maximum Inside Bet Limit.” It represents an aggregate limit and, at some casinos, may be set to $1, 750.00. An amount more extensive than that will not be paid.

The maximum payout is a matter of interest to high rollers (these are players making huge bets) –